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Welcome to our website

The Company
Clear Horizons (Private) Limited is a Zimbabwean based high quality professional services firm offering Financial Advisory, Corporate Secretarial, Outsources Company Secretarial Services, Corporate Administration (Governance), Corporate Compliance, Tax Consultancy, Accounting & Bookkeeping, Liquidation & Judicial Management, Business Licencing, Mergers & Acquisitions and NGO Consultancy. We take pride in excellence.

Since 2004, Clear Horizons has been providing expert B2B solutions to all kinds of businesses. We guide clients through the whole process of registering companies and get it going. The wide array of expert services goes beyond company registration and shelf companies to include business start up advice, preparation of legal paperwork for start-up companies, matching local and foreign investors, acquiring tax benefits and incentives etc. In addition, we stock shelf companies waiting for interested investors
We eat, live and breathe our calling, providing professional commercial services! To us serving clients is a Calling. We are passion driven. Excellence is our ball game.

In business we respect the individual and recognise diversity and serve clients through teamwork. Our corporate image is anchored on feedback, integrity, swiftness, dexterity and continuous learning.

Our Vision
To serve the business community –diligently and professionally with flexibility for adaptation to satisfy both company and clientele needs.

Mission Statement
• Our foundation is firmly rooted on offering quality and professional services at the client’s convenience.
• Recognizing that requirements for starting up a company in Zimbabwe may not always seem clear to many, this is not to mention the string of legal paperwork that is necessary to get your company going. Thus Sian Consultants will strive to provide would-be entrepreneurs/investors with all technical help needed in starting their own companies.
Sian Consults strives to attract suitable investors for shelf companies.

Our Values
Clear Horizons is Zimbabwe's foremost registration specialist and has been providing professional services to accountants, lawyers, investors and the public since 2004. We have created our mark in the market, and have pioneered a number of products in Zimbabwe, including shelf companies, pre-branded shelf groups and shadow secretarial services, NGO sonsultancy and Accounting Services.

How to Buy A Product or Service from Us?
This is the simplest of all things! For example when ordering a Shelf company, new company of your choice or an updated CR 14 (resignation and appointment of directors) what you do is...

What is a Shelf Company?
A ready-made company, shelf company or aged company is a company or corporation that has had no activity. It was created and left with no activity - metaphorically put on the "shelf" to "age". Common reasons for buying a shelf company include...


Clear Horizons is above everyone...
Clear Horizons is different, they bring an unparalleled level of quality and professionalism to client projects. They communicate before, during, and after the project. Helped explain, and expand possibilities for me. The time they took was no time at all!.... Wayne Seiler
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Our Executive Financial Ethics
Code of Consulting Ethics
Customer Service Charter

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